Fun On Two Wheels: Where To Go Cycling In Krabi

With its share of natural and rural areas, Krabi is best explored on a bicycle. It’s way easier than walking in the heat and safer than being on a bicycle. You can also ride your bicycle on the pavement and all other areas that scooters and cars can’t get to. Read this article to get the low down on the best places to go cycling in Krabi.


Just across the river from Krabi Town away from the crowds of tourists, Ko Klang is the perfect place for a day of cycling through small villages, mangrove forests, and along rivers and canals. Just a five-minute ferry from Krabi town, you can begin your cycling trip from the Tha-Lay Pier and on the carless concrete paths of the island you shall pass fresh fish being dried under the sun, green fields filled with goats and water buffalos, men carving boats, and women cracking open roasted cashews. As this is a great spot to have a look at Southern Thai Muslim culture, do bear in mind to dress and behave appropriately.


With its tree-lined paths and rubber and palm oil plantations, cycling around Klong Thom allows you to experience the natural beauty of the region on two wheels. With the exception of a couple of easy hills, the ride will mostly be flat, making it suitable for beginners. As an added perk, your cycling trip can take you to a national park where a variety of wildlife and a relaxing, hot spring Emerald Pool awaits you.


In the beautiful village of Tup Prik, your cycling trip will take you through some spectacular mountain sceneries and fascinating rural life settings. As you go through a path lined with rubber farms and palm oil plantations, you will see different types of Thai style houses. Stop by the Phanom Benja national park to visit the famous Hua Tho and get a refreshing dip at the end of your journey. Depending on your timing, you can also make your way to the Pa Phru Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam nature park where you can see a beautiful mangrove forest.


If you are looking for something more challenging, a 70-kilometer ride from Krabi to Phang Nga Bay may be just your thing. Ride along the coast to see the beautiful white sand beaches or through villages to see some rural scenes. At the end of the road are the jaw-dropping landscapes of Phang Nga Bay. Depending on your timing, perhaps you can stay here for the night and make your way back to Krabi the next day.


Cycle along Krabi River on Chao Fah Park where the night market is found. From the 1.6-metre long promenade, make your way to Thara Park, where you can cycle along its tree-lined path. As it is not too much of a commitment to cycle short distances, it is a great place to begin. From here, you can also explore more of Krabi Town on your bicycle, enjoying the sculptures, markets, and temples all over town.


If riding on your own is an issue, then joining a cycling tour could be just your thing. With cycling tours which include hotel pick up, bike and equipment rental ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 depending on the length of time and location, you will be meeting people and enjoying the sights without worrying about maps and directions as you will have a tour guide to follow. Krabi Trek and Krabi Eco Cycle, which offer almost the same programs and packages would be your best bet.


Cycling veterans, do share your routes with fellow travelers by commenting below.

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