Chiang Mai Co-Working Spaces: The Best of the Digital Nomad Hotspots

Chiang Mai Coworking Spaces Are a Great Way to Meet Nomads

Chiang Mai is a digital nomad utopia and so are its collection of high quality coworking spaces. Our list picks the best of the best.

If you’ve spent any time in Chiang Mai you’ve no doubt thought “I could definitely live here.” Lots do, but inevitably there comes a point when you have to get your head down to work. Thankfully there have been many who have had to do the same. You won’t be looking hard for Chiang Mai coworking spaces when you need to get that work done.

Coworking spaces, for the uninitiated, are large open plan informal office style places. You’ll be surrounded by entrepreneurs, programmers and students (as well as a healthy dose of online gamers). These are places to relax and not feel guilty about taking up café or restaurant space. Plus, the majority will offer you quality food and a great coffee to boot. The following list are our favourites, there are many more, but these ranked at the top.


Located within MAYA Mall complex, C.A.M.P is the largest of Chiang Mai’s coworking hubs. That shouldn’t be a surprise though, considering it’s run by AIS. It’s a vast open space with seating for at least a hundred people. Depending on your comfort style you can choose from a standard table, circular shared desks, high chair tables, mats on the floor or even a literal tree-house.

If you’ve got an important call or a project where you really need your own space you can hire one of their office pods for a set amount of time. For the cooler evenings you can even set up on one of their outside balcony tables looking out to Doi Suthep.

Cost: Free but after one hour your internet connection will stop. You’ll be required to buy something from the counter to get a voucher for a further 2 hours.

Internet: High speed AIS broadband but it can slow at busy times. If you have an AIS SIM card, you can access their incredibly fast hotspot.

Food and Drink: An array of small Thai dishes, snacks, smoothies and a big coffee selection. Drinks range from 20-105 baht.

Opening Times: Just like 7/11 shops, C.A.M.P never shuts and is truly 24 hours.

AIS CAMP is the largest of the countless Chiang Mai coworking spaces.

Wakeup Coffee

Right in the heart of the digital nomad heartland, Wakeup is right on Nimmanhaemin Road. Walk in and you’ll be surprised to find it sharing a space with Subway. Following that, you’ll be surprised when you notice how quiet the place is.

Wakeup is the coworking space where people come to really focus on their work in the 3rd floor quiet zone. There are also several (fairly expensive) office pods that you can hire on an hourly or daily basis. There’s a decent number of desks and table spaces, most of which have a power supply. Less of a social option, more for those who need to focus.

Cost: Make a purchase of 50 baht or more and you’ll be able to access the Wi-Fi for 4 hours.

Internet: Not blisteringly quick but usable for web browsing-based work.

Food and Drink: Subway sandwiches from the kiosk in the same building. Wakeup itself serves shakes and smoothies for those with a sweet tooth. Cakes as well. Coffees and teas are plentiful.

Opening Times: 24/7 but the 3rd floor opens at 11am and shuts at 3am.

A list of the best Chiang Mai coworking spaces wouldn't be complete without Wake Up Coffee.


Hidden down a side street off Nimmanhaemin Road, you’d be forgiven for not thinking much of this innocuous space from the outside. Step inside and you’ll be pleased to see a bright, quiet workspace. Our favourite part? This is pretty much the only place in Chiang Mai that cares about your back! Fully adjustable office chairs with support are available at most stations.

In a change to the previous two entries Mana charges an entry fee which you can pay for either hourly or daily. Purchase some food or drink and you’ll be given a small discount too. This is the least westernized of the coworking spaces with 1 outside toilet and a slightly unfinished vibe. That said, it is usually the quietest option.

Cost: 19 baht will get you an hour, 99 baht a day. Meeting rooms are available at only 19 baht an hour for a Skype room (ideal for online teaching) or 100 baht for a 4-5 person room.

Internet: Average speed, best for web-based activities.

Food and Drink: Free drinking water and tea. Coffees and smoothies range from 40-65 baht. There’s a small dish menu but I’d step outside and try one of the many local joints on the street. There are some amazing places with fantastic Khao Soi.

Opening Times: Sunday 9:30 – 19:00. Tuesday-Friday 9:30-21:00. Monday – closed.

Mana takes the global trend of very large, open design, making it one of the coolest Chiang Mai coworking spaces for networking with digital nomads.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Either way you’ll enjoy yourself at these coworking spots. They’re comfortable, calm and usually you can get a great cup of coffee. Even if you’re just after a quiet spot to read your book.

Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Insider Tip

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. With Chiang Mai constantly growing in popularity with the travel and digital nomad community, more and more coworking spaces are opening up. Have a wander around the Nimmanhaemin area or the Old City and chances are you’ll stumble across a new and exciting space. Cafes in Chiang Mai are great places to work too, don’t count those out!

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