Cheap Eats: Bali

Bali is well known for beautiful beaches, temples and instagram worthy meals. The luxury restaurants featured on every IG model’s gallery also come with a luxury price tag. Lucky for us, Bali offeres a wide variety of Asian and European options for a smaller budget. That is, as long as you know where to look. We are diving into where to find cheap eats while still enjoying all the food Bali has to offer.

Cheap Eats: Bali
Cheap Eats: Bali

Eat Where The locals it

Eat where the locals eat, this tip really goes for wherever you may travel. The locals know best, if there are a few locals sitting down at a small restaurant you can guarantee it will be tasty. The streets are dotted with small family run restaurants, called Warung. Offering traditional, local cooking served up buffet style.

Most Warungs have a variety of dishes to choice from, or you can get a mix. This mix is known as Nasi Campur. Translating simply as ” rice mix.” Travelers will typically find Warungs set up with plastic chairs and tables, limited cutlery and all the delicious spicy sauces to choose from. Sit down, relax and immerse yourself within the Balinese culture.

Be sure to try out some other local cuisines as well. Nasi Goreng, Nasi Tepeng, and Urab are a few favorites among many travelers. Warungs are true Indonesian style and we highly recommend trying as many of their dishes as you can. Keep an eye out for tempe and jackfruit curry, my favorite options. You can pick up a whole meal for as little as $2 USD.

Cheap Eats: Bali
Local Warung
Cheap Eats: Bali

If you are chasing Indonesian foods along with Western style dishes Warung Gough, located in Canggu is the place to go. A more modern style restaurant with a wide range of dishes from breakfast through to dinner, desserts, coffee and juices. Offering gluten free and vegetarian options on the menu. You can enjoy a delightful meal and treat yourself to a scrumptious cake for under $10.
IG: @warunggouthe


In the mood for some perfectly cooked seafood with a lower price tag? Head to Jimbaran Bay. Dont stop at the first restaurant you see! By pass all the European restaurants and keep walking. Follow the beach towards the airport, this is where you will find all local restaurants scattered along the water.

Cheap Eats: Bali
Cheap Eats: Bali

Here you can choose our own seafood and pay by the kilo. Basically, the bigger the fish, the higher the price. Simple. The chef cooks up the seafood right in front of you, BBQ style, delivering it right to your table. Served up with rice and vegetables and starting at about $5 USD. How could you go wrong with this cheap eats option?

Did we mention that while you are waiting for your food to cook head for a stroll along the beach, and dip your toes into the water. Climb the rocks and to watch as the planes land and take off over you. Once dinner is served and you are devouring an amazing freshly cooked meal, sit and admire the beautiful sunset Jimbaran has to offer. It’s a beautiful budget friendly afternoon, one sure to not miss.


So, you have enjoyed and pigged out a little too hard on the local cuisine, and are now in the market for a more healthy alternative? Or after that big night out you need the perfect hangover cure? Ok… We got you!

Crate Cafe is a must! Located in Canggu, a restaurant dedicated to breakfast all day. You read that right!


Cheap Eats: Bali
Cheap Eats: Bali
Photo: @alicepages

Delivering the best coffees, huge meals and refreshing smoothie bowls that will be the envy of every single one of your instagram followers. You can expect this spot it to be busy all hours of the day. Also experiencing a shortage of seats is not uncommon. Not to worry people typically move out quickly and there will be spots valuable. Or just sit down next to someone and make a new friend. That is what this cafe is all about! A standard meal here will cost roughly $10 USD. 
IG: @cratecafe

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