A Guide To Bangkok’s Maeklong Railway Market

While Bangkok is home to a whole host of markets selling everything from clothes and souvenirs to fish and fried goods, Maeklong Railway Market on the outskirts of Bangkok offers travellers something slightly different. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Maeklong Railway Market including how to get there and what […]

The Best Places to Watch The Sunset in Bali

Bali is known for its splendid sunsets. As the sun comes down, the skies turn into a painting filled with red, orange, and purple hues. It becomes even more special with the right location. Whether you would like a bit of party vibe with your sunset or more of a solitary experience, we have got […]

The Best Festivals In Indonesia

A diverse country filled with different origins and religions, Indonesia has a good line up of ceremonies and festivals each year. Take a good look at our long list of the best festivals in Indonesia. THE BALI ARTS FESTIVAL A feast for the senses, the Bali Arts Festival is a cultural extravaganza filled with vibrant […]

Why Do Buddhist Men Become Monks Before Marriage?

Thailand is full of interesting history and culture and one of these such features is the tradition of Buddhist men becoming monks before getting married. While this is not a national requirement, around 90% of the country’s residents follow the Buddhist way of life, and as such, the majority of Buddhist males will be ordained […]

2 Weeks In Thailand For: The Spiritualist

When reality gives you all the negative juju and you just need a break from it all to soak up some positive vibes, then our guide to two weeks in Thailand for the spiritualist is your perfect bet to relax and rejuvenate your qi. BANGKOK, THAILAND Head to the Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Centre, where you […]

Sacred Balinese Masks and Their Meanings

Bali is known for its epic beaches, sprawling rice paddies and its ever-growing yoga community, but its art and culture should not be overlooked! With this in mind, we delve into the history and Balinese masks. You can’t go to Bali without noticing these intricate and elaborate masks dotted around shops and shows across the […]

Basic Words You Should Learn Before Traveling to Indonesia

It’s always a good idea to learn a little lingo before you go away, and while Asia may be a bit more difficult (as each country has its own unique language) compared to Latin America, it’s still worth having a few words up your sleeve. The smile you’ll receive when you greet someone with a […]

The Best Temples in Indonesia

PURA BESAKIH Grand, exotic, and well-located, the temples of Indonesia are a must-see as they do provide a great way to see more of Indonesia’s culture and panoramic views of its landscapes. With so many temples to visit, however, it can be tough to get to all of them. So, here is a list of […]

A Day Trip To The Artist’s House In Bangkok

If you’re looking to dig a little deeper into Bangkok’s culture and art scene while visiting Thailand, you’re in luck as this bustling city has so much more to offer than just Khao San Road and bargain shopping! In recent years, Bangkok’s art scene has exploded with museums, galleries and small exhibitions popping up all […]

Nine Books You Should Read Before Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is a diverse country brimming with unique cultural practices and stunning sights. It also has a history to tell, from its pre-colonial times to its years under the Dutch regime. To balance the dark stories from Indonesia’s past are some light-hearted stories of tourists and expats. If you have grown tired of reading that […]