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Five Things You HAVE To Do in Patong (Besides Getting Off Your Trolley on Bangla Road)

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TRUTH: You’ll never get bored with all the things to do in Phuket. If Phuket is the Rolling Stones of Thailand’s party scene then Patong is Mick Jagger. This is where it’s going down, boys and girls of Slumber Party! There are *deep breath* bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, food markets, boxing stadiums, museums, shooting ranges, wakeboarding and parasailing activities, …

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Shopper’s Delight: The Top 7 Markets in Phuket

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When you’re traveling, eating out every night can definitely add up. Luckily for foodies, Phuket is filled with delicious food options that won’t empty your wallet, and you can find many of the island’s great cheap eats at markets far and wide. Even if you’re not a food lover, you can still score fantastic deals on clothes, crafts, and even …

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Staying on Trend: The Realistic Fish-Flop Thai Market Craze

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There’s Something Fishy About This: The Realistic Fish-Flop Thai Market Craze. Thailand loves to try new fashion crazes. Some work, some don’t. Beer label vests and t-shirts, elephant pants and “cheap” Ray Ban sunglasses will be around forever. Will this latest craze for fish-flops join the list? Thai markets make their money from jumping onto the latest crazes. Recently it …

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The Best Souvenirs from Thailand: Memories from Paradise

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The Souvenirs from Thailand You Need to Bring Home A country as beautiful as Thailand needs great souvenirs to match! Thailand is a country full of beautiful things. The rich cultural history and thriving tourist trade have combined to create a huge choice of souvenirs for you to choose from. From trinkets to treasure, there’s something for every taste and …

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Chatuchak Market Going Cashless in June: The End of an Era?

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Will going cashless strip Chatuchak Market of its soul? Bangkok as we know it has been changing in recent time. Last year, street food vendors of Bangkok lost its footing. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) made a controversial change in policy to eliminate street food vendors completely. Luckily, we didn’t see a full roll-out and can still experience Bangkok street …

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The Top 6 Night Markets in Bangkok

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The Best Places to Go Shopping in Bangkok at Night Doing a tour of Bangkok’s temples can be exhausting. Just as exhausting as shopping in one of the city’s massive night markets! Save your energy, grab a coffee and buckle up. While many prefer going to Chatuchak Weekend Market in the early morning, night markets in Bangkok are a completely …

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5 Tips for Conquering Chatuchak Weekend Market

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It’s easy to get lost in Chatuchak Weekend Market. They say your trip to Bangkok isn’t complete without a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Aside from the many famous temples of Bangkok, the open air markets are the biggest tourist destinations of Thailand. In fact, Chatuchak is the world’s largest open air market with over 15,000 vendors! If you’re looking …

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6 Things to Do In Sukhumvit Area (Close to Slumber Party Bangkok)

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6 Things to Do in Sukhumvit While Sober Sukhumvit Road is Bangkok’s largest street and nothing even comes close. In fact, it stretches all the way down to the Cambodian border in Koh Kong. If you’re looking for things to do in Sukhumvit area, you’ve got plenty of options. Since it acts as a central hub to Bangkok’s public transportation …

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Bangkok Shopping Guide Part 2: Chatuchak Market

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How to navigate through Bangkok’s biggest market and where to cuddle cute puppies. Shopping malls in Bangkok are nice and all, but we think you can get a better feel of the city by visiting one of the famous markets. The Chatuchak Weekend Market has not only the fame, but also the size to compete with the world’s largest markets. Here …