Best Places For Dessert in Chiang Mai

We all love a cake, a brownie or a muffin right? Of course we do! So what better to do when you’re in the North of Thailand, than looking for the best places for dessert in Chiang Mai! Well guess what, we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide below…. Woo Cafe Art Gallery   […]

The Best Western Restaurants in Lombok

While Indonesia does have some incredible local dishes (think: nasi goreng, babi guling and satay sticks to name a few) and Lombok has its own great range of traditional Sasak offerings, sometimes you just fancy a Western brunch, a decent burger or a superfood salad. This is when the island’s Western restaurants fit the bill. […]

Bangkok’s Most Haunted Spots

If you’re seeking something a little different to get your heart racing while in Bangkok (aside from the Red Bull buckets on Khao San Road!) then you’ve found the right blog. Here we’ll walk through some of the most haunted spots in Bangkok for you to explore on your next trip. Ghosts have long been […]

The Solo Ladies’ Travel Guide to Indonesia

It can be daunting to be a solo female traveller, especially if it is your first time. If you are from the west, a trip to Indonesia can be scary, especially if it’s your first time travelling alone. We’ve got you covered. Read our solo female travel guide for Indonesia. WHAT TO BRING Pack light. […]

Eating Insects in Bangkok: Creepy, Crawly, Crunchy Goodness

Eating insects in Bangkok banner

It’s A Bug’s Life: Eating Insects in Bangkok Thailand is the street food capital of the world. Tourists and locals alike can be seen devouring a Pad Thai, snacking on a satay stick or downing a freshly made iced coffee. There’s another side to Bangkok’s street food scene, and it’s a bit creepier and a […]