Seven Thai Souvenirs That Are Worth The Cash

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As you go through the hundreds of stalls in the weekend and night markets in Bangkok, it’s hard to find the right presents to take home with such limited space and so many options. So, we’ve created a list of unique Thai souvenirs from Bangkok that do not include the usual singlets that you see everywhere.


You’ve just finished a cooking course from the best culinary experts in Bangkok and you can now bring home the taste of Thai food. Well, you will need to bring home a bit of authentic Thai spices so you don’t crazy looking for your ingredients back home. Also, most of these ingredients are cheaper in Thailand than they would be back home. Stock up on galangal, kaffir lime, palm sugar, and Thai chili the next time you visit the Chatuchak Market. You will be spending around 10 to 300THB depending on the item and quantity that you purchase.


For as low as 300THB, you can grab yourself a pair of these shorts just in case you plan on continuing your kickboxing practice when you get home. It’ll be a great conversation starter – You did your Muay Thai training in Thailand – Even if it was only for a day. Starting at 300THB at weekend markets, take home something cool for yourself or for the special MMA fanatic in your life.


Although buying authentic Buddha statues are prohibited in Thailand, buying a replica from a temple is highly encouraged. In each temple souvenir area, you will notice miniature Buddha figures in different poses that represent each day of the week. Pick one that matches the day of the week you were born and place it on the highest shelf when you get home. It is meant to bring you good luck and abundance in your life.


If you have visited Jim Thompson’s house in Bangkok, you would know that he is the man who made Thai silk famous. Taking home an authentic, shimmering, colourful scarf would set you back around 200THB but it will definitely make the recipient smile. If you’re haggling skills are good and you are buying more than one piece, you might be able to knock the price down a bit.


From miniature figures of Ganesh and other entities to colourful dishes and wares, you are sure to find something to put a bit of exotic colour in your homes. You can also find some quirky miniatures of motorbikes, tuktuks, and alien figures made from recycled cans. A walk around the markets would bring you good deals. Just make sure that you have enough space for them in your backpack as some of them tend to be a bit bulky.


Whether it’s made of Thai silver or coconut husks, an exotic looking piece for as low as 20THB a piece is a good deal. Silver would be slightly more expensive at 200 to 300THB – Just make sure that you are buying it from a trustworthy vendor as everything is Sterling silver in Thailand. To pick up a basket of jewelry pieces, head to one of the big stores in Chatuchak market. The great thing about taking home jewelry is that there is always room for it in your bag or you can also wear all the bangles and anklets and jingle your way through the airport if you haven’t got space in your luggage.


Handcrafted bags with their colourful tribal patterns and the usual elephant decor are the perfect things to take home. Most of them are made from thin fabric and do not take a lot of space in your luggage.


What’s the best Thai souvenir that you have taken home? Let us know by commenting below.

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