The Best Tattoo Parlors In Krabi

Tattoos hold much significance in Thailand, with Buddhist Sak Yant tattoos being popular among monks and Muay Thai fighters as well as locals and tourists alike. These tattoos represent power, belief and other honorable characteristics as well as bringing the recipient good fortune for the future. Traditionally tattooed using the bamboo stick method, these tattoos are said to hurt less and heal quicker – winning! Whether you get a drunken tattoo after one too many buckets or a thoughtful, symbolic image as a memory of your trip, Krabi has some great tattoo parlors that are fit for purpose. Read on to find out about the best tattoo parlors in Krabi that offer both bamboo tattoos and regular electric tattooing methods.

Krabi Tattoo & Body Piercing


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As the name suggests, Krabi Tattoo & Body Piercing in Ao Nang offers all things body art. Not only are the artists here masters in their craft, but the parlor is pristinely clean too! The tattooists are happy to use the traditional bamboo method for Sak Yant or a tattoo gun – the choice is yours. If you haven’t fully decided on your design, Krabi Tattoo also offers two-week henna tattoos so you can try out the piece to see if you like it before going for the permanent design!

Family Tattoo


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This family-run business has been operating in Ao Nang for years with Mr. and Mrs. Choo being well-known characters in the area! Mr. Choo is a fantastic artist who is both patient and creative and he’ll be sure to create a piece you will love and cherish for years to come. Family Tattoo is friendly and welcoming so whether it’s your first tattoo or fiftieth you’ll feel right at home. This parlor also offers both machine and bamboo tattoos with recipients being able to keep their bamboo stick as a souvenir.

Nut Tattoo Studio


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Nut Tattoo studio is super clean and calming and the service is wonderful. The artists are happy to offer insight and advice on your designs (if wanted) and often have great touches to add to make your tattoo perfect. Whether you choose a simple design or something with great depth and detail, the tattoo artists will be sure to create something you are happy with!

Cool Point Tattoo Club


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While the actual tattoo artists do not speak much English here, there is a great team around them to ensure that every client walks away with a tattoo they love. Prices are reasonable, the place is clean and the tattoo artists create really decent work. If you’re a little nervous of need something to numb the pain a little they will also offer you a refreshing beer to help!

Mr. Tattoo


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Mr. Tattoo is the longest running tattoo parlor in Krabi/Ao Nang so they have a wealth of experience creating detailed tats. While locals swear by Mr. Tattoo, it seems the experience can be a bit hit and miss, depending on how Mr. Tattoo himself is feeling on the day! If you come in with a design in mind and don’t want to faff around this may be the place for you.

Perfect Skin Tattoo


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Perfect Skin Tattoo is an amazing place to go for a bamboo tattoo in Krabi. The artists here are highly skilled and offer a great range of designs from simple line drawings to dot work and water splash designs as well as traditional Sak Yant pieces. They are also particularly good at cover-ups so if you have a tattoo that you’re dying to cover up, Perfect Skin will sort you out!

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