Best Surf Spots in and Around Canggu, Bali

Canggu! An unreal place with amazing waves and incredible surf opportunities. One of Indonesia’s absolute top surf meccas, where people come to surf from all around the world.

International surfers mainly started to arrive in Bali in the 1930s, where the first beach ever surfed is said to be Kuta Beach by the legend Bob Koke (a young Hollywood photographer at the time). He fell in love with the incredible dreamland, Bali.

Feel like bragging a bit about the history of surfing in Bali while sipping on a Bintang? Have a quick look through Ben Kokes story here.

If you are looking to surf in and around Canggu, you have come to the right place. Canggu area offers a lof off different surf breaks with easy waves, to begin your surf journey. I will name the best spots for beginners, intermediates and for the most advanced surfers. And Yes! There are spots that all different levels can paddle out at the same time, and enjoy the beautiful surfing culture Canggu has to offer. 


Beginner Surf spots

Number one surf spot for beginners and intermediates is called Batu Bolong Beach, aka Old Mans. Due to the fact that this break is located right in front of the famous Canggu bar Old Mans.

Here is the perfect spot to get on a surfboard for the first time. You can literally walk down to the beach and get a private lesson by a local that knows the waves better than anyone – for no more then 250 000IDR ($17 USD). It’s a two hour lesson including a board and a rashvest. Make sure you put on some sun screen though because the sun can be quite strong!

If you’re an intermediate surfer and feel like you don’t need a lesson, this spot suits you as well. You can rent a board from any little beach shop for as low as 50 000IDR (about $3.50 USD!!). The wave is super easy and the atmosphere is amazing. You can walk along the beach strip and basically just choose a little surf shack you find appealing, leave your stuff there with the staff and head out into the water. Your stuff will be safe with them. It’s quite a long beach so do some exploring! 

If you feel like heading out of Canggu for the day, make sure you check out Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach! Both are super beginner friendly and you can also find a lesson at either location. The price should be about the same as Batu Bolong Beach (Old Mans). The waves there are easy to ride and the beaches are bubbling with eager beginners ready to experience the joy of surfing!

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Intermediate surf spots 

As an intermediate surfer you probably don’t want to have to many fresh beginners around you while trying to progress and step up your surfing. The spot recommended here is Berawa Beach. Works best on low tide but it’s definetely a good wave all around. The wave is a little bit faster than Batu Bolong, which makes the beginners stay away. Perfect for someone who knows how to turn left, right and make a few turns and practice your cutback.

The crowd is not as big as Batu Bolong either. If you don’t have a board with you, it’s possible to rent one just down at the beach for 50 000IDR ($3.50 USD).

If you are in a group with varying skill levels Berawa also offers surf lessons for beginners. The instructor will take you a little further down the beach to a spot where waves are a bit more mellow. Perfect if you are a group of friends that likes to go all together. 

If you want to head a little bit out off Canggu there’s one amazing spot you should try – Kedungu Beach. Works best on mid tide but is still good on all tides.  This break offers both left and right waves with a high consistency of waves rolling through. You can’t rent any boards here so make sure you bring your own. There is cheap food options there with everything from Nasi Goreng to Coconuts. 

Advanced surf spots 

Echo Beach Surf

If you’re an advanced surfer who is a masters of cutbacks, turns, snaps, generating speed and not afraid of a little competition – head to Echo Beach. Here you have an variety of 4 different breaks. The most famous one is called echos left, located on the left side when walking down the stairs. It’s quite a powerful wave that offers a long and cruisy ride. Works best on mid tide.

To the right of that you have Sandbar, which is a quick beachy that offers both lefts and rights, be aware though thay the crowd can sometimes be big. Works good on all tides.

Continue down the beach and you come to the rivermouth break, which is a powerful right with a fast drop that gives you an incredible ride. Unreal wave! Same as Sandbar, it can be a bit crowded sometimes. Be aware, that during low tide it does not work as well and the reef can be a bit sharp.

If you choose to continue even further, you come to Perenan which is a mix between rocks and sand. It offers both rights and lefts and it’s really a super fun wave. If you score it on a good day with a little less people it’s likely you’ll have one of the bests surf you had in a while. Best on higher tides. 

Now you know a few spots for every level – get out there and have fun! Yeeew

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