The Best Souvenirs from Thailand: Memories from Paradise

The Souvenirs from Thailand You Need to Bring Home

A country as beautiful as Thailand needs great souvenirs to match!

Thailand is a country full of beautiful things. The rich cultural history and thriving tourist trade have combined to create a huge choice of souvenirs for you to choose from. From trinkets to treasure, there’s something for every taste and every budget.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful present for your family or a lifelong keepsake that will grace your mantelpiece for years to come, here are our top picks for the best souvenirs from the land of smiles.

Thai Wooden Carvings

Ornate and hand-sculpted or simple and machine-made, these come in all shapes and sizes. A simple soap dish will cost about 100 baht in the local market, or an intricate artisan Teak figurine could set you back up to $500 in a boutique shop. Make sure the wood is sustainably harvested and keep in mind the weight of the carving- you’ve got to carry it home after all! If you’d rather let someone else take the strain then most shops can organize international delivery for a (sizable) fee.

Wood carvings are a beautiful souvenir from Thailand to impress your friends with.


American Jim Thompson was a pioneer in the Thai silk industry in the early 20th century, and his legacy lives on in the beautiful silks still produced today. In northern Thailand the fabrics are rich and often embroidered with sequins and different colored threads; further south in Bangkok they are delicate to the touch and shimmer with different hues in different lights.

The good news is you can pick up a good quality silk shawl from around 200 baht, and a length of top quality silk for suit- or dress-making from about 1000 baht. A unique present for yourself or your loved ones.


Ask any traveler for their favorite things about Thailand and it won’t be long before they start talking about the food! Recreate the Thai experience at home by stashing some spice mixes in your suitcase. From Thai green curry paste to dried saffron sachets, spices are a lovely way to remember your trip and can be a great way to let your family and friends share in some of the wonder that is Thailand. They’re super cheap too, with a spice packet in a local market starting at 40 baht. Pad Thai all round!


It’s not just about the elephant pants- Thailand has a wealth of other clothing available at a great price too. Take the opportunity to expand your summer wardrobe and hit the markets for a great shopping experience. Shorts, sundresses and tank tops are everywhere for 50 baht upwards but why not branch out into some traditional Thai dress? A beautiful silk wrap-around shirt or skirt can cost around 1200 baht but is a stand-out piece that no one else will be wearing at home. Unique and stylish! What’s not to love.

Elephant pants so so cliche that the don't make for great souvenirs from Thailand amymore.

Thai Alcohol

Recreate the great nights of your trip with some alcohol-themed souvenirs. A couple of bottles of Sangsom whiskey will help you educate your friends about the epic hangovers you had on the beach, and the ever-present Leo logo looks great on t-shirts, bottle-holders and keyrings. If you fancy a classy bottle to give as a present then check out Phuket’s Chalong Bay rum which has won awards for quality and taste.

Souvenir Shopping in Thailand Insider Tip

While there are many beautiful Buddha statues and paintings available all over Thailand, it’s actually illegal as a non-Buddhist to transport anything featuring the image of Buddha. Enjoy the Buddha art and sculpture while you’re here and pick something else as a souvenir. There’s plenty to choose from to help your holiday live on long in your memory!

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