The Best Restaurants for Seafood In Bangkok

As capital cities go, Bangkok is relatively close to the sea and you can therefore make the most of delicious seafood even when staying in the heart of the bustling city centre. Whether it’s a fresh prawn Pad Thai on the side of the street or a sumptuous crab curry at one of the city’s best restaurants, you’re sure to enjoy a taste of the ocean during your time in Bangkok. Another bonus is that Bangkok serves up seafood at rock bottom prices, so you don’t have to fork out a fortune to enjoy some of the tastiest fish dishes or bumper buffets!  Here we’ve chosen some of the best places for seafood in Bangkok so you can just turn up and taste…

Seafood Market

Now this really is a place for seafood lovers! With the hilarious tagline “If it swims we have it” you know you’re on to a winner. This humongous market seats over 1000 people, so they’re never short of a table and you can choose from every variety of fish and seafood you can imagine! Pick your fish, then choose the style of cooking and in a flash, you’re served up stir-fried crab, spicy squid and lip-smacking langoustines!

Somboon Seafood

When a restaurant has seven offshoots around the city you know it’s worth a try! Somboon Seafood is a Chinese restaurant that serves up seafood as its speciality. As with most good Chinese restaurants, the idea is that you visit with friends and family and order a whole concoction of dishes that you can share and savour over the course of a couple of hours. The portions are massive so be warned but with such great flavours you’re likely to want to keep eating for eternity!

Baan Klang Nam

This pretty waterside restaurant located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River is quite off the tourist trail but is well worth a visit if you want to try some great authentic seafood dishes. With stuffed steamed fish, spicy tom yum soup and curried crab, your mouth will be watering the second you enter. Ideally, you’d visit this place with locals who will be able to pick the freshest dishes of the day, but if you can manage to find it, you’re bound to have a good experience whatever you order.

Tai Kong Seafood

For a novel seafood experience (with great produce) you should check out Tai Kong Seafood. This quirky restaurant features a ‘shrimp river’ which passes beside diners and from which they can pluck out fresh, live shrimp and cook them up on their tableside BBQ! And it’s not only scrumptous shrimp that this restaurant offers – it’s an all-you-can-eat seafood extravaganza, with clams, scallops and crab to boot!

MangKorn Seafood

This buffet restaurant serves up two of life’s greatest pleasures all for under 400baht- unlimited beer and seafood! MangKorn Seafood Buffet is a DIY-style restaurant allowing you to take your pick of the freshest catch and cook it to your liking, while also boasting free-flowing beer and soft drinks. Time is limited to 90 minutes (or you can extend for 4baht/minute once your time is up) but this still gives you a great fix for a decent price.

Bangkok Seaview

For a more relaxing environment, try Bangkok Seaview, another peaceful waterfront restaurant. Your experience begins at the restaurant’s own pier from where you’ll be transported by boat to the riverside restaurant. On the way you’ll pass by fishermen and stilt houses and if that doesn’t say seafood specialists, I don’t know what does! Go with a group and dine on a range of dishes and you won’t be disappointed.

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