The Top Five Cooking Schools in Bali

Food is one of the best ways to delve into the culture of a place and is gives you a great chance to bond with locals as you chat about ingredients, haggle at markets and learn about recipes passed down from generation to generation. While you can glean a certain level of knowledge just from eating out day after day, there’s nothing quite like a cooking class to get your juices flowing and have you excited about the history and culture of local cuisine. Bali, as with so many spots in Asia, has an awesome selection of dishes to write home about and if you can learn a few recipes during your trip you’ll be sure to amaze friends and family with your culinary delights when you get back home. Here we choose the best cooking schools in Bali so you don’t have to worry about the research, you can just rock up and enjoy the foodie fun!

Raw Food Bali Culinary Class

Bali has become a bit of a mecca for healthy-eating foodies seeking tasty new dishes that align with their vegan/raw/gluten-free way of life. This is where Raw Food Bali steps in, offering a cookery course that is designed to give you information and inspiration to try new flavour combinations without compromising on healthy choices. Even if you’re not a raw food convert, the class offers an interesting insight into a different style of cooking.

Bumbu Bali Cooking School

If you’re looking for both culinary insight and epic Insta shots it doesn’t get better than Bumbu Bali Cooking School. Created by former five-star resort Executive Chef, Heinz von Holzen, Bumbu Bali is one of the most talked-about cooking classes on the island. You’ll start your day with a market trip, learning about local produce and some food history before indulging in a traditional Balinese breakfast to set you up for the day. Then it’s into the kitchen to whip up a feast for lunch including juicy spiced skewers, flavoursome veg dishes and sumptuous salads.

Casa Luna

Cooking classes at Casa Luna offer a whirlwind experience about all things culinary in Bali. Run by Janet de Neefe who has lived and loved on the island for decades, these cooking classes start in the market, before moving into the kitchen to learn both recipes and rituals that are part of Balinese cooking. You’ll feel as though you truly understand the culture behind the cooking after one of Janet’s classes which will help you appreciate the food you try as you travel round the island.

Jambangan Bali Cooking Class

The small session cooking classes at Jambangan Bali are a great option for an interesting day trip out of Ubud. Set in the scenic highlands, these classes offer a real insight into unique local ingredients that make the cuisine here special. Try new herbs and spices as well as punchy and sometimes peculiar fruit and veg before learning how to combine them into spectacular dishes and dressings.

Iboe Soelastri’s Cooking Class

If you want a taste of what it was like to cook Balinese food in days gone by, head to Iboe Soelastri’s Cooking Class at Hotel Tugu. With traditional earthenware, wood-fired stoves, mortar and pestles and stone walls, Iboe’s kitchen is a real blast from the past. That doesn’t mean, however, that flavours are dated or uninspiring. Iboe has a real love of local ingredients and knows how to work them using traditional methods to create culinary masterpieces. Lunch, served on a banana leaf, may include charcoal-cooked coconut chicken, fish satay, steamed rice and spiced jackfruit, to name but a few!

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