The Best Cat Cafés in Bangkok: The Purrrfect Getaway

Cat Cafés are a Great Escape from the Concrete Jungle

So…pussies; do you like ‘em? Did you ever wish to stroke and play with one while sipping coffee? Do you like them hairy? Before you get either too horny or grossed out or maybe both – we were, of course, talking about Cat Cafés in Bangkok. These cutesy places dominated by those little feline creatures have seen a huge rise in Asia in the last few years. Bangkok has caught this fever as well, with more locations popping up every couple months.

We already mentioned Caturday Cat Café in our post about pet cafés in Bangkok, which also featured the infamous husky café and a bunny café as well.

Cat Café Etiquette

Some of them have enforced certain rules, such as not dragging the cats or engaging with them in any other violent manner. Feeding cats with our food, taking pictures with a flash and disturbing them while there are sleeping are other no-go’s. Make sure to check with the café rules on arrival, though I’m sure they’ll go over them before you grab your table anyway.

Caturday Cat Café

Forget saving the best for last because who’s got time for that? Caturday is our favorite on the list for a couple huge reasons. First off, it’s super conveniently located at exit 2 of BTS Ratchatewi. It’s not too far from Slumber Party Bangkok and hard to miss from the BTS. Second, the food is actually amazing. Try the bacon and cheese spring rolls or the chocolate shock cheesecake if you’re in the mood for dessert. It’s important to note that it can get quite packed, especially on weekends. Sometimes you’ll have to wait to get a table, but it’s definitely worth it!

Caturday is the best of the many cat cafes in Bangkok, by far.

Cataholic Café

Cataholic easily has the best tea of any cat café in Bangkok. The Matcha Maew Maew is a green tea with soda that’s unmatched in taste. Pair it with some honey toast and not only will your tastebuds be satisfied, but the cats will flock to you because of the sweet scent. Before taking off, make sure to check out their gift shop since they have lots of décor and fashion accessories by local designers.

Cataholic Cat Cafe in Bangkok

Purr Cat Café Club

Purr Cat Café Club was started by a Thai celebrity, Ploy Rattannarat and a friend. While this may not be important to tourists, it’s something to note because this café is a bit more upscale as a result. They have a cat grooming salon, art gallery and a cat hotel. They also host grooming pageant competitions, which is a super cool thing to witness. Check out their Facebook Page to see if there’s a pageant that lines up with your visit to Bangkok!

Purr Cat Cafe Bangkok

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