Chiang Mai Coffee Addicts: The 6 Best Cafes in Chiang Mai

6 Cafes in Chiang Mai to Fill Your Caffeine Fix

Upon arrival in the city, you’ll soon discover the coffee culture that’s taken over. Cafes in Chiang Mai are everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously, it’s a great city for caffeine lovers. With so many options available, you might wonder where exactly to get the best coffee in Chiang Mai. Luckily for you, we’ve got it covered.

Ristr8to – specialty coffee crafters

Ristr8to easily has the best coffee in Chiang Mai.

This place is insanely busy because they’ve built up a reputation for having the absolute best coffee in Chiang Mai. Ristr8to has a cult following of coffee lovers of the highest caliber. They’ve even gone so far as to compete in latte battles. Yes, that’s a thing. They’ve won several awards for it across Asia, pretty cool stuff. Go for the coffee, but don’t expect the typical quiet and relaxed environment that other cafes in Chiang Mai offer. It’s bustling and staff are typically overwhelmed with orders.

Hours of Operation: 7AM to 6PM, Daily.
Location: 15/3 Nimmana Haeminda Rd, Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Contact: 053 215 278

The Barn: Eatery Design

Off the beaten track, quiet and a humble environment. The Barn is an Instagram photo-op waiting to happen! It’s got those bright whites, consistent tone and minimalist vibe to it that you see in every fashion and travel blogger’s feed. There’s seating inside ‘the barn’ and out back where you can soak in the sun. This is my favorite of any on the list since it’s open a bit later into the night.

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 1AM, Daily
Location: 14 Sriwichai Road, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai
Contact: 094 049 0294

Chiang Mai is bustling with coffee culture, so here's our top 6 cafes in Chiang Mai.

Asama Cafe

The best cafe in the city for espresso lovers! Try out the Sparkling Espresso or the Espresso Panna Cotta for a jolt of energy and flavor. Asama Cafe has a unique experience to it because of its location – way out in the suburbs of Chiang Mai. The cafe is surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens and well-developed housing projects.

Hours of Operation: 8AM to 3:45PM, Daily
Location: Mu Ban Chiang Mai Lake Land Alley, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai
Contact: 081 530 5388

Asama Cafe has excellent espresso.

Akha Ama Coffee

Akha Ama has grown a reputation for being the place to stock up your stash of coffee beans. It’s a local secret. Well, not really a secret but it’s a fan favorite among the expat community of Chiang Mai. If you’ve got room in your backpack for some quality beans, this is where you should pick them up.

Hours of Operation: 8AM to 6PM, Daily
Location: 9/1 Mata Apartment, Hassadhisawee Rd, Soi 3, Changphuak, Chiang Mai
Contact: 086 915 8600

Woo Cafe

Woo Cafe might be the furthest from Slumber Party Chiang Mai. It’s still within walking distance if you’re a trooper, but a tuk tuk gets you there like lightning. Woo has a rustic look to it with lots of wooden furniture and some unique lighting fixtures. The second floor has an art gallery you should check out after a damn fine cup of joe and reasonably priced food.

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM, Daily
Location: 80 Charoenrat Road, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai
Contact: 052 003 717

Woo Cafe is one of our favorite cafes in Chiang Mai.

Mingmitr Coffee

MINGMITR is a cafe chain but they perfect the vibe at each location. It is by far the most peaceful cafe in Chiang Mai. Every location is actually. It’s usually not that busy, so the service and attention from staff is significantly better than its competitors. Great place to relax and get some work done on your laptop.

Hours of Operation: 8AM to 6PM, Daily
Location: Chiang Mai Land Road, Chiang Mai (between soi 5 & 7)
Contact: 053 893 398

Mingmitr is not only one of the best cafes in Chiang Mai, but in Thailand as a whole.

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