On the Hunt for the Best Burger in Bangkok

Heaven in Beef: The 6 Best Burgers in Bangkok

Bangkok has a top reputation when it comes to food, and every cuisine is catered for. When you fancy a break from Thai food then these burger joints will step up to fill the gap.

When you think of Thailand’s eclectic food scene you’ll be forgiven for thinking about the likes of Pad Thai, Tom Yam soup and satay skewers. Whilst these Thai dish options are incredible and tasty, sometimes you just fancy a change. Thanks to an ever-growing young group of foodies setting up new restaurants, Bangkok now has a whole host of international cuisine to enjoy and the burger is front and centre.

These aren’t just your run of the mill standard McFastfood affairs either. Expect delicious patties, scrumptious toppings and exquisite sides. Prepare yourself for a feast. It’s time to go to Burger Town.

Bacon strips on bacon strips make the best Bangkok burger stand out.

Fatty’s Bar and Diner – The Diner Experience

A cozy, relaxed atmosphere, live music and the occasional open mic night. That’s before we’ve even started talking about the food. The burgers here are fully customizable with over 15 different ways to create your perfect stack. The huge variety means you’ll be back again for more. Add a side of their wings coated in genuine buffalo sauce for the whole experience. Keep an eye out for Yoda the cat too! Fatty’s is run by Midwesterners, so if you appreciate cheese then this is the place for you. Order the mozzarella sticks as a side to perfectly compliment the best burger in Bangkok.

Cost: Burgers from 250 baht.

Location: 598/66 Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Bangkok

25 Degrees – Burgers and Shakes

Fancy treating yourself? A slightly pricier option, and located within the Pullman Hotel itself, these are burgers to enjoy in restaurant surroundings. They’re even served in neatly folded napkins. There’s a great list of predefined burgers to choose from, or if what you want isn’t on the menu then create your own. With an extensive beer list and spiked shakes (banana shake and rum anyone?!) you’ll be in for the long haul, especially as this joint is open 24 hours…

Cost: Starting from 330 baht. 220 baht for the create your own base.

Location: 188 Silom Road, next to Pullman Hotel G, Bangkok

Chunky – Just Around the Corner

Chunky was featured in a previous blog we wrote on the best cafes in Sukhumvit, but it also makes it onto our top burgers in Bangkok list as well. They walk the balance between high end cafe and greasy burger joint perfectly. The house-made brioche buns are to die for. Chunky uses high quality Australian beef and incredibly fresh ingredients. For something out of the norm, try their sliced beef burger.

PS: We weren’t kidding when we said it’s just around the corner! Walk right past NARZ Nightclub and you’re already there.

Cost: Burgers starting from 300 baht.

Location: 110/1 Sukhumvit Soi 23 – Sukhumvit MRT

Bad Burger Bangkok – The Honest Guys

Look above the door as you walk in. “We Make You Fat and Take Your Money.” Now that’s an honest slogan for a burger company. They’re not kidding either. These burgers come fully loaded. There’s an extensive choice ranging from the standard to The Big Boss that pulls no punches. Expect toppings like bacon, blue cheese, onion rings and more… Close to the Phrom Phong BTS and nestled on the ever popular Sukhumvit.

Cost: Starting from 250 baht onwards.

Location: Between Sukhumvit Soi 18 and 20 or a 12 minute stroll from Slumber Party Bangkok

Bricks and Bone – Bourbon and Burgers

A match made in heaven, this is the definition of a hipster burger bar. The mixture of an extensive bourbon collection and BBQ food is our idea of a good night out. The real winner here isn’t a traditional burger per se- the pulled pork is the shining star. Grab a bun, get messy and enjoy yourself.

Cost: 200 baht for the pulled pork

Location: 2 Rama 9 Soi 41, Bangkok

Bangkok Burger Brilliance

Burgers are starting to pop up everywhere in Bangkok now and you won’t have to work hard to find one. As always in Thailand, don’t be afraid to explore the backstreets and street food options. Some of the best burgers we’ve eaten come from the back of a van or stall on the street. Who knows? The best burger in Bangkok could be hidden in an alley you stumble into while drunk!

Hank Hill himself would be proud of these Bangkok burgers.

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