Best Backpacker Hostel in Canggu, Bali

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Welcome to Slumber Party Hostel. We are  proud to offer the best party hostel experience for backpackers across Thailand and Indonesia. 

When planning your next backpacking adventure, be sure to check out Canggu on the beautiful island of Bali! Along with its vibrant culture, delicious food, and beautiful beaches, there is an awesome backpacker scene that you won’t want to miss. Since Canggu is budget friendly relative to other destinations in Asia, if you know where to look, you can live like royalty without breaking the bank. However, finding the best backpacker hostel in Canggu can be tough since there are a lot of options! That’s where we come in to help!

Canggu, one of Bali’s most popular destinations for backpackers and young travellers.

bali beats

Bali Beats is among one of the best backpacker hostels in Canggu since they foster community interaction by serving a delicious free dinner every night, so all the guests can come together for a meal. This is a great way to meet lifelong friends and save your money for more important things like a Balinese massage, delicious food from one of Canggu’s famous eateries, or a surf lesson from Mojo Surf camp, one of the best and most comprehensive surf schools in Indonesia. Bali Beats also has a cozy social space to meet other travellers.

Bali Beats has free buffet and a tight social space, making it the best backpacker hostel in Canggu for budget-conscious travellers!

kos one hostel

The best backpacker hostel in Canggu for relaxing by the pool and taking it easy is none other than Kos One hostel. This hostel invites yogis, health enthusiasts, and digital nomads alike. This hostel is famous for its serene views of the rice paddies and Mount Agung, but their selling point is their “Alternative Beach” swimming pool with fake sand and a swim up bar. Sounds appealing doesn’t it? However, this hostel is on the pricier side, so if you’re looking to save a buck, this hostel may not be ideal for you.

One of the best backpacker hostel in Canggu for a bit of a splurge, Kos One is where you want to be!

slumber party hostel, canggu

If you’re like me and want to be where all the action is, then the best backpacker hostel in Canggu for you would be the Slumber Party Hostel. This hostel provides everything from adventure tours, surfing lessons, and a full service bar for late night or daytime partying. They also have a large pool to hang out at after a long day adventuring around the island. This is the place to meet like-minded people who are looking to party and have a good time. You never know where the day (or night) will take you, but I guarantee you’ll have an epic story to tell after you stay here!

The best backpacker hostel in Canggu for parties and being social – recommended for solo-travellers up for a good time!

Curating the perfect trip for you can be daunting, so hopefully this guide will help you decide on what the best backpacker hostel in Canggu looks like for you, because a good backpacking trip is only as good as your hostel, the people you meet, and the adventures you create. Happy travelling!

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