Batman has his utility belt. You’ve got your fanny pack (bum bags to other native English speakers of the British English variety). Unfortunately, you are lacking his virtual assistant, Alfred, who takes care of his navigation and Intel. As a backpacker, you have got your trusty mobile and all your apps to get you through your trip through Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. All you need now are the best apps for backpackers that will get you through your trip and mobile data or wi-fi.


Every trip begins with a booking. At least one flight booking and a night at a hostel to make sure you’ve got yourself a place to stay. The Skyscanner app helps you find great deals and book your flights, hotels, trains, and car hire without booking fees or hidden charges.


Slumber Party Hostel Phuket Bangla Patong

You can always sleep on a park bench or take the sleeper bus or train during your trip, but it is quite convenient to know that you can book your accommodation while you’re on the go.

Although you do need to enter your debit or credit card details to book your accommodation, does not charge you for your booking. In some cases, you can even cancel your booking one to three days before you arrive, which gives you the flexibility to change your travel plans – as one usually does!


Being the biggest hostel booking site, this is a go-to for budget travelers all over the world. Big tip: Always compare prices. Having both and Hostelworld will help you get the best accommodation deals, and you’ll have the chance to pick and choose whatever accommodation you prefer.


And just in case you would prefer to stay in someone’s home, find your next host using the Couchsurfing app on your way to a new town. These people are usually expert travellers themselves, so it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who will show you a great time. You can also get a heads up on Couchsurfing events that may be happening in the area, another great way to meet fellow travellers.


This amazing public transit guide is always on form when giving train and bus routes. With Moovit, you’ll find the speediest way to your destination and all the information you need to master a new and confusing public transport system. With updates from fellow users, you’ll always be on top of the transportation routes.

Sure, you have Google Maps. Sure, it’s quite useful…until you find yourself in a location without a smidge of WiFi or data. Although Google Maps also has a downloading function, seems to be ahead of the game. Find restaurants, hotels, shops…and much, much more in this trusty app!



The Google Translate app is great because it offers a variety of ways to help you understand what the hell people are saying. On one hand, you can type and translate. But, if you can barely keep up with all the phonetics and syllables being thrown at you, you can use the app to listen in and translate it for you as well! And, if you find a complex character that looks Greek to you, Google can also translate it using your camera. Just remember to download the languages you need for your trip if you know that you will be losing your Internet connection.


You need to know how much you are paying in your home currency, otherwise, you’ll be spending like a Kardashian. The XE Currency app is also handy because it lets you know if you are exchanging your currency at a good rate. Keep it handy, and make sure you have the currencies you’re going to be using before walking out the door.


This is a great way to keep in touch with the locals and fellow backpackers that you’ll meet during your trip. Why miss that chance of getting the digits of the hottie who flirted with you during the long bus ride? Write ’em down and shoot them your best sext after the third whiskey bucket hits. You might regret it in the morning, or you might find yourself in a real-world version of an Eat, Pray, Sex, Love scenario.

Also, just a tip: If a hot Brazilian dude or chick says zapzap, they are asking for your Whatsapp digits.


A bit like Uber, only it’s green and more popular in Southeast Asia. Grab is probably the cheapest and most convenient way to get a taxi in Thailand. There’s no need to worry about saying the street names right either – so that’s a relief. Just type in the location where you need to be picked up from and your destination and you’re all set to go. And, because the app sets the price for the journey, you don’t have to worry about taxi drivers who’ll take cheeky detours or faulty meters.


You can’t have fun without filters and regular Instagram updates – your friends and family might start worrying.

Don’t Forget to Download

You’ve got a good list of apps that will take care of your during your trip, just don’t forget to download them before you go.

With all the updates and the new apps being unveiled, we’d appreciate it if you could give us a heads up if you found something helpful during your trip.

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