Bangla Road: Getting High in Life in Phuket

The Lighter Side of Life: Bangla Road

Music. Drinks. Girls. Bangla Road is one of a kind! No trip to Phuket would be complete without a night out on this iconic street.

The moment has finally arrived. You’ve been looking forward to cutting loose and having a great night on the most famous road in Phuket. But what’s the deal? Where should you start and where should you finish? Which soi (side street) is the best and which should you avoid? Where’s the best party at and when should you turn up there? Here is our guide to making the most of the legend that is Bangla Road. It’s one of the absolute best places to party in Thailand, after all.

Bangla Road is NOT for the Faint Hearted

Bangla Road is a full-on experience. As soon as you set foot on the strip you’re surrounded by noise, music, people, ticket touts and drinks deals. It can be a bit disorientating but stick with it, it’s worth it! Wander down the road and check out the scene. There’s everything here from quieter restaurants filled with families to huge disco clubs with bigger than life-size model tigers leaping out of the buildings above your head.

You’ll be asked if you want to go and see a show. If you want to know what kind of show, look at the pictures! Ping pong shows, sex shows, lady boy shows, you name it and you’ll find it here. You’ll soon notice there are different kind of bars as well. Music bars often have live bands and are great for a drink while people-watching the crowds outside. The beer bars are also relatively relaxed affairs where you can sit and have a drink while girls dance round poles on the bar. The Go-Go bars are a bit more formal, with a stage for dancing and pricier drinks.

By now all this sightseeing has probably made you thirsty, so where’s good to go?

Soi Gonzo

Located near the beach, Soi Gonzo is lined with beer bars and features the ever-popular Aussie Bar which is always full of expats and locals. Start here for a burger and beer to watch the world go by while you’re planning your next move.

Soi Vegas

This soi has a bit of everything- some beer bars, some go-go bars and the famous Moulin Rouge bar. Come here when the crowds have got a bit bigger and the night has started to get going. If the heat gets too much for you then check out the Ice Bar where the temperature is always minus 20 degrees!

Soi Tiger

Big, brash and flashy, Soi Tiger has a bit of everything- pool tables at the back, dozens of beer bars at the front and a nightclub upstairs. Come here after midnight when the drinks are flowing and the music is loud. Crazy Horse bar and Sharky’s bar are recommended for a good time. If you’re ready for a club already then head upstairs to the Tiger nightclub where you can dance till dawn. If you fancy a few more drinks first then carry on to your next soi adventure.

Soi Sea Dragon

It’s time to ramp it up! Soi Sea Dragon is the place to head for go-go bars, featuring the famous Suzy Wong’s as well as Diablo A Go-Go and the Devil’s Playground. If that’s not your thing then hit Butterfly Bar or the Octopus Sports & Pool Bar, pausing to enjoy the ‘Husband Day-Care’ sign over the door!

Finishing in Style

The clubs on Bangla Road are legendary. Seduction Discotheque ticks all the boxes with an outside terrace, a huge dance floor and impressive dance and trapeze shows throughout the night. Illuzion is also a good choice and impresses with a futuristic LED screen behind the dancefloor. The clubs start to fill at about 1am and keep going till dawn so grab an M150and enjoy!

Bangla Road Insider Tip

Partying on Bangla Road isn’t cheap! Try to keep the costs down by making the most of the drinks deals you’ll be offered on the street. You might be able to score a free shot with your beer, three drinks for the price of two or maybe some free food thrown in. Beers start at 80 baht and cocktails at 120 baht so shop around and leave enough cash for that all-important kebab at the end of the night!

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