Bangkok’s Most Haunted Spots

If you’re seeking something a little different to get your heart racing while in Bangkok (aside from the Red Bull buckets on Khao San Road!) then you’ve found the right blog. Here we’ll walk through some of the most haunted spots in Bangkok for you to explore on your next trip. Ghosts have long been an important part of Thai culture, with the majority of locals claiming to believe in ghosts as well as having seen or experienced visions of them. They even have a selection of ‘common ghosts’ such as Mae Nak and Phi Am that haunt people during the night. This is why in nearly all faiths in Thailand people seek safety from evil spirits as well as happiness and good fortune. Check out this list of Bangkok’s most haunted spots.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Said to have been built on a former graveyard, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is probably the most commonly visited haunted spot in the city without people even realising it. Many of the souls that were buried under the building are said to haunt the airport to this day, despite there having been a mass exorcism by 99 monks when the airport opened. Strange behaviour or technical faults are often thought to happen at the hands of ghosts.

Erawan Shrine

The Erawan Shrine in the heart of Bangkok is a beautiful yet eerie shine to the Four-Faced God Phra Phrom. The shrine itself was actually built by the government in the 1950s to cast out haunted souls that remained on the foundations of the new Erawan Luxury Hotel. However, despite the shrine, many strange and sometimes fatal occurrences happened here and continued to plague the hotel until it finally closed its doors un 1987. Clearly some souls didn’t want this place to be built on!

Ratburana Police Station

While the new Ratburana Police Station may seem calm enough and fairly spirit-free, the stories that surround the former Ratburana Police Station are some of the scariest of all! Legend has it that the old police station was haunted by seriously malevolent souls that caused inmates to kill themselves while locked up, a legend that seems to be legitimised by the unusually high number of suicides in the prison along with the fact that more and more officers decide to leave their otherwise good jobs for the same reason. It is thought that the spirits wanted to feast on the souls of the inmates and so haunted them until they could handle no more!

Teochew Chinese Cemetery

The Chinese Cemetery dates back over 100 years when it originally served as a resting place for Chinese immigrants. The souls of these immigrants were thought to have haunted the site (in a friendly manner) for years but when the cemetery ran into disrepair many more ghosts came out to play! After complains of ‘too many ghosts’ the area surrounding the cemetery was renovated into a park where many locals and current Chinese immigrants come to jog and workout.

If all of these haunted spots around Bangkok have given you a little inner fear, you may want to head to the Phra Chan Market to stock up on some amulets and talismans to ward off those evil spirits! Here you’ll find monks and gurus seeking out powerful talismans (and plenty of tourists stocking up on cheap knock-offs too!)

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