Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard: A Dystopian Playground

Up for some urban exploration in Thailand? Try the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

The Bangkok airplane graveyard is an undiscovered quirky visit. Bangkok is world famous for its tourist attractions. The Grand Palace, Chatuchak, and The Floating Market to name a few, but what if you want to dodge the crowds?

Spend any amount of time in Thailand and you can’t avoid crowds. This is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and rightly so. Attractions aren’t hard to come by and the vast majority are worth a visit. That said, there’s part of all of us that wants to get away from it all and try something unusual.

This is where the Bangkok airplane graveyard comes in. You know the ones you see in raunchy perfume adverts in American deserts? Well there’s one right here in Bangkok. No one’s quite sure why they were left here or who left them here. Regardless, they’re yours to climb, explore and photograph.

The airplane graveyard in Bangkok is worth the 300 baht entry.

What’s in the airplane graveyard?

The grounds are essentially a large piece of wasteland with a few hangers and the planes themselves. There’s one huge double decker 747 and a few smaller jets. You’ll notice upon arrival that the gate will be locked. A family has moved into one of the hangars and spotted a business opportunity. Pay 300 Baht each and you’re in.

The main attraction is the central 747 which you can climb inside and get right up to the top deck. It’s on a bit of an angle making it a tougher climb than you’d expect for a passenger jet! A pair of trainers or walking shoes will serve you better than flip flops.

Drone footage of the Bangkok airplane graveyard

A Dystopian Playground

It is an oddly surreal experience wandering along plane wings, climbing into cockpits and hanging out with these sky dwelling machines. They’ve been stripped of anything useful and are slowly falling apart but that all adds to the end of the world, Mad Max feeling of the whole place. The main cabins are almost completely stripped but the cockpits have most of the controls left in place. Finally, you can live out that pilot fantasy…

You might notice a few of the planes have some makeshift curtains hung in the windows and entrances. Chances are that someone might be bunking down in them for a night, so it’s best to leave them to it rather than traipse through their home.

Climb inside the interior of a 747 at the Bangkok airplane graveyard.

How to Get to the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

Expect it to take you roughly an hour to get there from the central Sukhumvit area. On the BTS, head for Phrakanong Station and take exit 3. From there take bus 40 from the nearby station which will take you to within 5-10 minutes walk of the graveyard.

The actual address is Ramkhamhaeng Road, Soi 101. The field is next to a repair shop, but if you have any doubt all of the locals know exactly what you’re after and will point you in the right direction.

You can, of course, take a cab but expect to pay a premium for this. Transportation in Thailand comes down to preference, after all. Just make sure to avoid rush hour. The roads around the site get incredibly congested and you could spend hours sat in traffic.

What to Bring

  • An entry fee of 300 Baht per person – subject to change without notice
  • Decent walking shoes if you want to climb
  • Water – there’s a small store nearby but it won’t always be open

Airplane Graveyard Insider Tip

This isn’t an organised attraction. There are no regulations and no staff. Therefore, don’t expect this to be a sterile, sanitized place to walk around. People live here in, frankly, rough conditions. Be respectful to them, don’t impose and enjoy yourself without bothering them.

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