One Bed ONe Meal Update

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spread and took off across the globe, it became apparent to us here at Slumber Party Hostel, that like the rest of the world. We were going to need to put a pause on things for the safety of our staff, and you, our guests. Shortly

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How to host a virtual beer pong tournament

Coronavirus blues got you down? Travel plans been canceled? Running out of Netflix series to watch? Don’t worry we got your back! And if you have watched the Justin Beiber documentary, don’t be too hard on yourself, we did too, Netflix has some deep dark corners, but I digress. Let’s

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Best Backpacker Hostel in Canggu, Bali

When planning your next backpacking adventure, be sure to check out Canggu on the beautiful island of Bali! Along with its vibrant culture, delicious food, and beautiful beaches, there is an awesome backpacker scene that you won’t want to miss. Since Canggu is budget friendly relative to other destinations in

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Fun On Two Wheels: Where To Go Cycling In Krabi

With its share of natural and rural areas, Krabi is best explored on a bicycle. It’s way easier than walking in the heat and safer than being on a bicycle. You can also ride your bicycle on the pavement and all other areas that scooters and cars can’t get to.

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The Worst Tourist Fails In Thailand

Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is filled with friendly locals and beautiful sights, but it has its dark side if you are caught misbehaving. With the local’s sense of propriety and reverence for historical and sacred sites, there is no need to say that you should move with respect. And,

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Seven Thai Souvenirs That Are Worth The Cash

As you go through the hundreds of stalls in the weekend and night markets in Bangkok, it’s hard to find the right presents to take home with such limited space and so many options. So, we’ve created a list of unique Thai souvenirs from Bangkok that do not include the

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“oh So Sweet”: The Best Dessert In Koh Phangan

As much as we adore the sticky rice desserts that Thailand is known for, mango sticky rice being the most popular, we cannot help but crave for the desserts that we are used to. It is really convenient that even on the island of Koh Phangan, we can find a

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Where To Get Inked: The Best Tattoo Parlors In Bangkok

Getting a stamp on your passport as proof of entry is not enough. These days, the Sak Yant tattoo stamp is a big trend for the visitors of Thailand. In the country where a tattoo is part of its tradition, finding the best tattoo parlours from the plethora of tattoo

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The Best National Parks In Thailand

When you come to Thailand looking for an adventure, the best place to look would be the stunning national parks it is filled with. Our list of the best national parks in Thailand takes you away from the concrete jungle of Bangkok to the marine park of the south and

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Thailand Wai

“do The Wai”: How To Wai Properly In Thailand

Everyone does the wai in Thailand. You will see it on travel advertisements and as you enter the airport, you are greeted by a wai. Even Thai Mcdonald does the wai. Before you hop on the tourist bandwagon and go around doing the wai during your trip to Thailand, read

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