Best Places To Party In Cambodia

Best Places To Party In Cambodia At Slumber HQ we’ve realised that our recent blog posts, whilst really helpful, don’t seem very Slumber like. So for today’s post we’ve ditched the food advice, parked the hiking info and we’re back to what we love to do the most, party! So

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Life’s A Beach: Best Beaches In Cambodia

Life’s A Beach: Best Beaches In Cambodia They say that life’s a beach and we can certainly agree that it is, especially when you’re backpacking around South East Asia! This edition of Life’s A Beach focusses on the best beaches in Cambodia. Home to ancient ruins, you might not associate

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Phi Phi

Welcome to the Family – Brand New Property on Koh Phi Phi

Welcome to the Family – Brand New Property on Koh Phi Phi By now you should have seen our very exciting post on Instagram, if you haven’t, where have you been?! For those of you that haven’t, we hope you’re sat down comfortably……. Today we are super excited to announce

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Best Food Spots In Pai

The Best Food Spots in Pai Food glorious food! We all love to eat good when we’re travelling, whether it’s cheap local food or slightly boujee home-style dishes. Either way, if you’re in the Northern Thailand and looking for some great food, check out our guide to The Best Food

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Best Hikes in Chiang Mai

Best Hikes in Chiang Mai At Slumber Party we do love to party, but we also love to have some adventure in our lives too! What better way to have an adventure when you’re in Chiang Mai than taking a hike! Check out our guide below on the Best Hikes

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Top 5 Bars In Siem Reap

TOP 5 BARS IN SIEM REAP Did someone say lets get drunk, do stupid things with strangers and potentially miss our flight?? Well if not, we certainly did! Here’s our guide to the Top 5 Bars in Siem Reap will guarantee you a great night out! The Angkor What? Bar

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Chiang Mai

Best Tattoo Parlours: Chiang Mai

Welcome to the latest Best Tattoo Parlours edition, this time we’re looking at a few spots in Chiang Mai. Whether you’re looking for a drunken tattoo, an elephant tattoo to commemorate your stay in Thailand or the dream sleave you’ve always been looking for….we’ve got you covered. Panumart Tattoo View

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Best Places For Dessert in Chiang Mai

We all love a cake, a brownie or a muffin right? Of course we do! So what better to do when you’re in the North of Thailand, than looking for the best places for dessert in Chiang Mai! Well guess what, we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide below….

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Ordering vegetarian food in Thailand is as easy as learning a few key phrases.

A Taste Of Thailand At Home

With international travel up in the air – pun intended – it would be understandable if you’ve got those travel blues, or a longing to get back out to Thailand. We feel you, we want you back out here just as much as you want to be out here. We

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Top Instagrammable Spots In Bangkok

They say travel broadens the mind but it also broadens your Instagram feed! Life is all about living in the moment but who says you can’t take some awesome photos at the same time. It gets a bad rap but Bangkok has some great spots to freshen up and improve

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