5 Ways to Make Money Online NOW! For your next trip of course :)

Even though everyone is on lockdown there are still a TON of ways to make money and pay for that next trip by doing any of these 5 side hustles online, these could even be full time jobs if you are looking for more steady work. The below methods are tried and true and we have even done some of them ourselves!

  • Preply.com is a platform for teaching English, it is super easy to sign up for, and if you focus you can make a lot of money doing it. I went on preply and taught for 3 months and made over $7,000 doing it! It is super easy and fun, honestly, if I had the time I would keep doing it. Beyond that I made some CRAZY connections while doing it, like teaching the 11th richest person in Ukraine, a Russian Ballerina, meeting a Czech Pop Singer, and even teaching a Swedish pro snowboarder with millions of views on youtube. Honestly, the people I met made the whole experience worthwhile, I don’t know if I was just super lucky, but even if I met a fraction of those people and got paid to do it, I would definitely keep doing it. 
  • Tik Tok Video Editor –  Tik Tok is going insane and will continue to do so, unless Trump bans it, which would destroy the hopes and dreams of teenage girls everywhere, but until that happens it is going crazy. Which means if you have video editing skills you can definitely go contact some of the Tik Tokers out there and offer up your services for some $$$$ which will help you book your next trip quicker. 
  • Blogger – There are always opportunities online to write blogs for other people, what skills do you have or things do you know about? Offer to write blogs! Infact, you can message us and write blogs for us now! We will pay you in cash or free nights whatever you prefer, which will make that next trip all the more chawesome! (Cheap+Awesome)
  • Influencer: Do you have a big following on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snap Chat, Facebook? Why not put it to work? I was shocked, the other day when I started posting more actively on Instagram, my buddy wrote to me and informed me that he had a FB page that has over 1 million likes! He does not even do anything with it! If you have any pages like this sitting around or you have a large following online, why not be an influencer? Contact brands and you can get things like $$$, Free Stays, Free Food, Free Clothes, or maybe even FREE airfare, or you can join our talent show to get free flights. 🙂 The point is to think of creative ways to make more money to travel again soon. 
  • Content creator, take pictures, write blogs, etc: Are you good at taking pictures, photoshop, blogging, web development etc? Why not go to a brand and work as a content creator? We are always hiring content creators at Slumber Party, so if you are good at any of these things email us at Marketing@slumberpartyhostels.com and maybe you can work for us, but if not, you should reach out to other brands or check out places like Upwork.com or Guru.com, Peopleperhour.com freelancer.com and so on and see what kind of gigs are out there for you.

We cannot wait to see you again and we know a lot of people have lost jobs, so we hope this gives you some hope and ideas to make some money so you can get back out travelling and exploring new places again soon. We love and miss you all and can’t wait to hang!

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