5 Amazing Things To Do In Koh Phangan (Besides the Full Moon Party)

You think Koh Phangan only has parties, parties, and more parties? Think again. Here are 5 awesome things to do in Koh Phangan

No questions asked – Koh Phangan is synonymous with the Full Moon Party. However, this is a bit of a shame, since the island has more to offer than neon paint, sangsom buckets, deafening music and back alley blowjobs. But hey, that’s why you can rely on your good pals from Slumber Party! We’ve got you covered with five things you can do in Koh Phangan before or after “you are going down for real”.



Everyone knows that you go to Koh Tao for diving, ya dickhead!” you might say (rudely). This is true, however many of the dive sites that you can reach from Koh Tao are also accessible from Koh Phangan. The Gulf of Thailand is expansive and beautiful enough to provide ample opportunities for enthusiastic divers. The reefs close to Chaloklum are fortunately still in a good condition and aquatic creatures such as leopard sharks and turtles frequent the underwater world freely.

Great places for diving are Southwest Pinnacle, Sail Rock, Koh Ma, and the Ang Thong National Park. Speaking of which…

Boat Trip to Ang Thong National Park

42 – either the answer to life, the universe, and everything or the number of islands there are in Ang Thong National Park. Ang Thong stretches over an area of 102 km² that is mostly covered by limestone islands, karst mountains, lush rainforests and white sand beaches. This is a fantastic day trip for exploring and soaking up the sun like Cherryl Crowe. It takes around 2-3 hours to get to the archipelago, but we think it’s well worth it.

A notable highlight is the Emerald Lake, Thale Nai, which is mentioned in the novel The Beach. For the inquisitive explorer, there are enough hidden caves and lagoons to keep you occupied for the greater part of the day.


Are you frothin’ to jump on a board again and shred the gnar? With Wake Up! Wakeboarding you can do just that! Chaloklum beach is the place to go since the 3 km long bay is perfect for the high-adrenaline water sport.

If you are new to wakeboarding, the skilled team has smaller boats in order to show you the ropes. It sure is a physically demanding activity, but once you got the hang of it, you never want to stop. They have an array of up-to-date boards and equipment that includes inflatable towables, which is a ton of fun if you want to get thrown around a lot.

We are totally stoked about activities like that. #adventurehardpartyharder

Hiking, Trekking, and Bushwhacking!

Whacking bushes sounds like something Ron Jeremy did in the 80s, but believe us, here it’s all about seeing nature at its finest. You wouldn’t believe how much of Phangan Island is tailor-made for either nice strolls or proper mountain trekking. Vast parts of the eastern coastline are virtually untouched by human intervention and are therefore perfect for a daily getaway.

Our personal favorite trail, though, leads up to the peak of Khao Ra, which is 1.5 km away from Chaloklum. With 627 meters, it’s the highest mountain on Koh Phangan and since it’s situated in the heart of the island, you will have a panoramic 360° view. A great added bonus is the nearby Phaeng Waterfall, where you can cool off after a strenuous hike.


We could’ve saved the last spot for Muay Thai or Cooking schools, but when was the last time you channeled your inner Robin Hood? Exactly. The outdoor shooting range of the First Bow & Arrow Club range is close to Chaloklam village and offers seven targets for beginners and experts alike.

The prices start at 150 Baht for a short session and up to 500 Baht for a full hour of archery. A quick introduction makes sure that those with no prior experience, can hit a few marks as well. Their equipment is top notch and is also included in the price.

Archery may not be something that you would normally put on your Thailand itinerary, but maybe because of that, you should give it a try.

Koh Phangan Is an Amazing Island with much more to do than just party. Be sure to check these things out during your stay.



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